No power but reception is really good. Whooooop! 

21 slingshot salute in honor to Filipino soldiers who fought and died for freedom from Americans.
My adventure essentials. I’ll be off the grid for days and conquer summits. Let’s get it oooooon! Whooooop!
Just spending time at home with this book before I’ll live off the grid for days. #shantaram #book #vscocam #vsco
Just a reminder that if you love yourself, you’ll be happier. I learned to love mine, and I’ve been one happy and drunk (with life) gypsy. Life is great! :D #selfie #filipina #vscocam
Fall in love with your life.
Just a photo of me on the beach in the rain. #nothingmuch
Good morning world! Rise and grind!
Ang babae sa pulang bato.
Eating snacks? It’s more fun in the Philippines.
Okay thanks bye.