Amakan ug sunog nga dughan. :)
Small but fun. Happy mornings!
Feeling a strong influx of positive energy in my heart and in my soul. This light is bright, and it’s radiating from every pore of my being.
Forget Dako. This is my newest most favorite surf spot and island. Talking ‘bout overhead, sometimes barelling, but mellow swells, and loooong rides. This gem has it! Definitely gonna go back soon! #surf #surfing #siargao #philippines
So burnt after surfing for 4 consecutive blazing hot days (5-6 hrs each day). I left my heart at the northern part of the island. Best days of my surfing life ever mainly because there were no dickheads in the water, there were only two of us at the spot, tons of great waves, long rides, and surfable on low tide. Happy days! Yiiiiiiiiha! #selfie #filipina
Home is where you lay naked comfortably. #vscocam #vsco #ladyadventures #dirtbagdarling #siargao #philippines
Banca boat.
Birds flying high, you know how I feel.
Breaking necks.
With the sexiest man of Siargao!
Grabe nako ka swerte naa mi hulagway. Pwede nako mamatay. Hehe. #siargao #surfer #philippines